Almost 3 years ago I decided to get a polaroid camera because I thought it was (I still do!) super cool, so I looked through UO's site to find one. After a long, long wondering I bought the Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 in mint blue & I was ready to come into taking polaroids!
Time passed and I somehow forgot I owned this cutie until I found it in one of my storages (shame on me!) and that's how my enthusiasm for  immediate taking unique instant snaps began again!

The Fujifilm camera comes in different colours- from mint to candy pink and it's really easy to carry! A thing you got to have in mind: you need to buy separately a mini film (usually comes in two sets x10 polaroids in each) because it's not included in the box.
Okay so, instant cameras aren't low- priced & that's for sure but let me tell you something- they are totally worth the cost!


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